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Peeling The Onion


The Agency Theater Collective invites you to Peeling the Onion: a Basement Series Event. Featuring four ten minute plays written by current, former, and future playwrights collaborating with The Agency.

When the Levvee Breaks
By Paul Pasulka [Skin For Skin]
Directed by Zachary Barr
Kate and Scott meet, fall in love, and hitchhike across the California desert headed for Mississippi.

By Brian Foster [Nautilina]
Directed by Sara Faye Richmond
A couple takes a detour from their sexual routine and come up with some unintended consequences.

Mickey Cares
By Mia McCullough [Chagrin Falls]
Directed by Cordie Nelson
Two strangers connect in an environment that bleeds artifice and emotional repression.

140 over 90
By Cody Lucas [Truth In Context]
Directed by Sara Faye Richmond
A young man is forced towards self discovery at the doctor’s office.

Hosted by Travis Stuebing and featuring Diana Lee, Jack Schultz, Andy Polacek, Vanya Ilieva, Carter Petray, Marian van Noppen, Abigail Piñon, Kali Skatchke, Nathaniel Kier

photos by Katie Reynolds & Cristian Esparza

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