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Chicago’s Craziest Open Mic?

We’re convinced that No Shame Theatre Chicago, our weekly theatrical open mic event is the craziest open mic in Chicago, and last week’s show just went to prove that point. The only rules for No Shame are: 1) Pieces must be original, 2) Pieces must be no longer than 5 minutes, and 3) You can’t break anything– not yourself, not the audience, not the theater, and you can’t break any laws. Other than that, anything goes! As you can see by Huck Poe and Ryan Brankin performing their piece “The Cockroach, Part I” last week at No Shame on 1/11/14. Thanks for taking the risk, guys– and we challenge you, audience and people of Chicago– what can you do on our stage?

No Shame Theatre Chicago

Ryan Brankin and Huck Poe perform, “The Cockroach, Part I” at No Shame Theatre Chicago on 1/11/14

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