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I Wish to Apologize to the People of Illinois


The Agency tells the true story of Stuart Levine, the fallen Chicago power broker whose lurid testimony brought down some of Illinois’ highest-powered politicos. Sex, drugs and electronic cigarettes are just the tip of this mucky iceberg.

Written & Directed By Andrew Gallant & Tim Touhy

Agent Brand: Billy Baraw
Stuart Levine: Patrick A. Burch
The Prosecutor: Jamie Birkner
Tony Rezko: Iymen Chehade
Reporter: Sean Higgins
Johnny: Cody Lucas
Agent Nichols: Adrienne Matzen
Edward Vrdolyak: James Munson
Will: Jack Schultz

Ashleigh Bowers (Sound Designer), Mari Deoleo (Stage Manager), Cecilia Falter (Production Manager), Brian Foster (Assistant Stage Manager), Ellie Humphreys (Lighting Designer), Kate Jacobsen (Costume Designer), Melanie Lewis (Set Designer), Janet Magnuson (Run Crew), Anson Poe (Media Designer), Adam Schulmerich (Technical Director), Bill Richert (photos).

Praise for I Wish to Apologize to the People of Illinois:
“A delightfully wonky, deeply researched new play…an essential tour of Chicago-style politics on a ketamine trip.” — Keith Griffith, Chicago Reader

“An intelligent show about a crooked life…a smart and streamlined portrait of what Levine’s world was for years and how quickly it unraveled.” 3 out of 4 stars — Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

“A play about the soul of a man and the heart of a city.” — Carol Marin, NBC 5

“Thoughtful and thought-provoking.” — Kelly Kleiman, Dueling Critics

photos by Bill Richert

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– NBC Chicago – Ward Room (11.7.2013)
– Chicago Sun Times (11.4.2013)
Review: Chicago Reader

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