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No Shame Setlist – 1/10/15

No Shame setlist from 1-10-15

1. Kyle Parris – Stand Up
2. Jen Ducharme – Blair Sheets: The Best Boss in the Whole World
3. Christopher Jacob – Fucked Up Stories from a Fucked Up White Boy
4. David Gavri – Stand Up
5. Amanda Claire Buckley and not Brian What’s-His-Face – What is life but a trivial pursuit of the poetic, the aesthetic, the original?
6. Huck Poe – A Beer on a Stage
7. Ben Robins – Story and Discovery
8. Justin & Adam – Game Show!!
9. Ani, Caitlin, Ashley, Justine, Dena – Speechless
10. Robert – Fucking Marketing Assholes and their Fucking Lies
11. Ethan – People are Robots Too
12. Sommer Austin – Life Absurd
13. Pepper – Tale of the Squingeel
14. Adam Kretz – Stand-up
15. Anna Lucero – Cannibal Cocktail

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