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No Shame Setlist – 5/23/15

No Shame Setlist from 5-23-15

1. Andrew Gallant – How Mike & Meredith Became Parents
2. Kyle Parris – Stand Up
3. Baby Flame – Purpose
4. Alydar Skyy
5. Sara Faye – Sara Writes a Pep Talk for Sara to Give to Cody About his Writing
6. Ed Towns
7. Lewis Lopez – Where You Wana Go
8. Dave Metz – Døpe Az Fukkk
9. David Gavri
10. Huck Poe – Self-Reflexive Mad Lib
11. Brandon Kieffer – I’m gay. I’m not reading from the paper. I am actually really gay. No joke.
12. Ricky Izbicki – Hi, I’m Ricky Izbicki
13. Robert L. – The last time we ever heard from Mr. Moviefone
14. Jim Choy – Stand Up
15. Brian Foster – Asinine
16. Jeffrey Eskaton – Song

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