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No Shame Setlist – 7/18/15

No Shame Setlist from 7-18-15

1. James Tierney – A Character
2. Rad Turkin – Toasters, am I right?
3. David Gavri – Spoiled Brat
4. Cody Lucas – A few thoughts on Chet Baker
5. Paula Ann – Stand Up
6. Marc Levalle – Stand-Up
7. Huck Poe – Chicken Wing Airlines Safety Demonstration
8. Mike Unis
9. Automatic – Just Bars
10. Ed Towns – Stand Up
11. Robert Littwin – If a passionate discussion about pleasuring vaginas freaks you out, then please leave now
12. James Fisher – The world is weird
13. Chad Didrekeson – Brick & Mortar – Your House Building Materials
14. Brandon Kieffer – Once helped me in a very rough point in my life. I was thinking about trying to stick my whole fist in my butt… he said that would be gay so I didn’t do it.
15. Hermes Trismagistus

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