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The Agency Theater Collective

Out of Tune Confessional


In the structure of a song setlist, The Agency Theater Collective drag Alana Pretty Pretty, Mickey Sparks, Jeffrey Eskaton and the rest of the band out from under whatever rock, or mattress, they’ve been hiding under. They unpack their holiday baggage, their desires, their frustrations and their unhealthy relationship with spiked egg-nog.

Written by Sommer Austin, Ryan Brankin, and Andrew Gallant; Songs by Ryan Brankin

Sommer Austin, Ryan Brankin, Brandon Byxbe, Andrew Gallant, Jim Gallanis, Kate Jacobsen, Janet Magnuson, Molly O’Grady, and Huck Poe.

The show was originally unleashed at the Underground Wonder Bar in 2012 and was revisited in 2013 at Collaboraction. The gang most recently appeared in the 2014 Chicago Fringe Festival.


Praise for Out Of Tune Confessional:

“This play was creative, well-performed, and appealed to my off-center sense of humor. Bravo to the cast, and the “transgender” nurse who had me totally convinced that he was a weird prop at the bar before the play began. Performance art at its finest! Thorazine and lithium for everyone!” — Goldstar Red Velvet Reviewer

photos by Wang Le of Wangle Creative, Tim Touhy

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