Best of No Shame


Every Saturday night, we produce a show that has never been seen before and will never be seen again. For four nights only, we show you our favorite performances that have adhered to these set rules:

1. Pieces must be original
2. Pieces must be under 5 minutes in length
3. You can’t break anything. not yourself, not the theatre and you can’t break any laws.

We gather the best acts we’ve seen each year for one last chance to see them performed before they dissolve into the ethereal past forever. There is a well-stocked bar equipped with some well-stocked bartenders (we know, we checked).

See these talented people perform original music, eat fire, be down-right hilarious, or otherwise blow your freaking mind with their creativity and lack of shame. Be sure to return any other Saturday to No Shame with some material of your own (we know your family gave you the ammo) for a chance to be part of next year’s line up.

And now we bring you a painstakingly curated show of the best of the best from 2016 for the very low price of pay-what-you-can. Come join us Friday, December 16th at The Lincoln Loft!

Marc Levalle
Danie Minard
Sommer Austin and Anna Lucero
Huck Poe
Brandon Kieffer
Tashina Chivonne Richardson, Danielle Trudeau, and Chanelle Bell
Dicaprio Leo
Chris Santamour
Adam Schulmerich and Nick Vergoth
Ed Towns
Loyd Bonafied
Ethan Walles, Huck, and Robert Littwin
Josh Rowe