Dirty Little Secret 24-Hour Play Festival

The Agency’s Dirty Little Secret 24-hour Play Festival is quick n’ dirty creative experiment. We collect anonymous secrets and within 24 hours, write, direct, design, and rehearse multiple plays based on your dirty little details.

Our inaugural fest was performed June 27th, 2015 at Stage 773.

Our second fest was June 25th, 2016 at The Den Theatre – 1333 N. Milwaukee Ave.

The 2016 program included:

Title: I Cry While Watching Sports
Writer: Andrea Beschel
Director: Egla Kishta
Actors: Susenna Turner, Manuela Rentea, Maggie Ward
Secret: “I cry while watching sports.”

Title: Spring Break Gets Wild, So What Else is New?
Writer: Michele Stine
Director: Maxwell Collyard
Actors: Ben Townsend, Alex Molnar
Secret: “I dislocated my knee in a wet t-shirt contest on spring break. Still won 2nd place.”

Title: The Sisters’ Lullaby
Writer: Brad Brubaker
Director: Abby Beggs
Actors: Samantha Jai, Sara Richmond

Secret: “I worry after all these years I don’t know who I am or what I’m meant to be.”

Title: Nine Hour Party People
Writer: Brian Whitney
Director: Phillip Lewis
Actors: David Towne, Julie Ramos, Janet Magnuson, Joe Mangles, Carter Petray
Secret: “One time my friends made a huge pot of ‘shroom tea, and it was my first time drinking it. Little did I know that each contained a shitload of ‘shrooms, and I drank 7 cups. It was the longest 9 hours of my life, but the best.”

Title: An Ancient Wonder
Writer: Lauren Kapinski
Director: Anna Trachtman
Actors: Adam Stanley, Soli Santos, Kamara Thornton, Dakota Hughes
Secret: “I am an alien who helped build the Sphinx and the Pyramids and seduced Cleopatra.”

Title: Get Thee, Too
Writer: Hope Rehak
Director: Brent Eickhoff
Actors: Robert Sickelsteel, Ethan Walles, Corrie Glanville
Secret: “I spread a rumor about myself in high school that I was going to join the nunnery. It got published in the school newspaper.”

Title: No One Knows This
Writer: Kate Jacobsen
Director: Niki Dreistadt
Actors: Chris Routhe, Cori Woods, Ashlea Woodley, Phillip Lindsey, & Rizzo the dog
Secret: “In my whole life I have never met anyone more secretive than me! Sneaky, sneaky! Ha ha ha. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be someone else, to be… someone powerful. I’ve never sweated in my life, it’s often been a huge worry. Please help me.”

Title: 140 Over 90
Writer: Cody Lucas
Director: Lauren Fields
Actors: Olivia Doherty, Andy Polacek, Regina Barry, Amanda Kyrie Ellison
Secret: “I didn’t go to the doctor for 7 years because I get really turned on by physical exams and it’s embarrassing.”

Lighting, Sound Design and Tech by Ellie Humphrys