Skin for Skin

SkinforSkinWhen an Iraqi-American contractor is suspected of aiding Al-Qaeda, he is imprisoned at Abu Ghraib, where the “enhanced interrogation” is supervised by a psychologist.

Written by Paul Pasulka
Directed by Michael Menendian

Previews: February 28th – March 3rd, 2017
Performances: March 4th – April 2nd, 2017

Rivendell Theatre (5779 N. Ridge Avenue)

**Children under 13 are not permitted.  No Late Seating.

AYYUB – Steve Silver
ABDUL WALLI – Sunny Anam
COL. LEWIS – Tony St. Clair
DR. O’BRIEN – Shariba Rivers
LT. MILO – Robert Hardaway
PVT. MICHAELS – David Goodloe
SGT. LINDSEY – Hannah Tarr

Marcellus Burt (PVT. MICAHELS), Tyler Esselman (LT. MILO), Audrey Gladson (SGT. LINDSEY), Denise Hoeflich (DR. O’BRIEN), Talia Langman (ABDUL WALLI), Andrew McClelland (COL. LEWIS), Joseph Zaki (AYYUB)

Jack Schultz* (Assistant Director/Associate Producer), Kat McNall (Production Manager), Bailey Howard (Stage Manager), Evan Hay (Assistant Stage Manager), Alexandra Garfinkle (Dramaturg), Ellyzabeth Adler (Choreographer), Scott Dare (Choreographer), Cristian Esparza (Costume Designer), Michael Rathbun (Lighting Designer), Huck Poe* (Projection Designer), Ray Toler (Scenic Designer), Sebby Woldt (Sound Designer), Manny Ortiz (Technical Director), Taylor Tolleson (Properties Designer), Jake Engram (Scenic Painter), Justin Case (Box Office Manager)

*Denotes company member of The Agency

photos by Bill Richert