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Cast Member of the Day – Cody Lucas
Learn more about I Wish to Apologize to the People of Illinois cast member, Cody Lucas! Make sure to catch Cody in action opening weekend – get your tickets now!
Character’s Name:  Johnny Moretti
Tell us about your acting experience:
By the time we open, I will have been living in Chicago for about 4 months. I moved here from Texas where I was previously the Artistic Director of Sundown Collaborative Theatre which afforded me many great opportunities, including writing, directing, and acting in Happily Ever After at the New York International Fringe Festival in 2011.
How are you most like the character you’re playing? Least?:
I believe I share Johnny’s ambition as well as his interest in storytelling.
Sartorially, though, we aren’t very similar. And unlike Johnny, I think mall pretzels are delicious.
What are you most looking forward to about playing this character?
He lacks a filter and is teeming with swagger which allows me the freedom to be a little wild and spontaneous on stage.
What does the story of Stuart Levine mean to you?:
The play is certainly full of men doing bad things, but beyond the politics and facts it asks, “What is a good man?” There are a lot of facets and gray areas that really make it a difficult question to answer.
How has your experience been working with The Agency?:
There are a lot of insanely talented and driven people working on this and it’s been a blast, creatively and personally. The process had been collaborative and challenging and I’m very fortunate to find myself in such good company.

Cody Lucas

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