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No Shame Setlist – 10/31/15

No Shame setlist from 10-31-15

1. Kyle Parris – The Watch
2. I-95 – Hit with a Brick
3. Mark Presley – The Great Escape
4. Marc LeValle – Random Shit I Wrote
5. Robert Littwin – Jen Would Be Fucking Mortified Right Now
6. Ben Polson – World Premiere Song
7. Danielle – Creepy Poetry
8. Amanda Lynn Deal – Stand-Up?
9. Brandi Adair – Scary Things
10. Tashina – A Scary Story with a Twist but not as Shitty as those M. Night Shyamalan Movies
11. Brandon Kieffer – Is Not Funny
12. Danie Minard – How to Fight Off Pedophiles
13. Pepper – The Alien Savior or The Day The Earth Ran Out Of Food
14. Jeff Hawks – Fear
15. Aaron Hill – Welcome to the Strange

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