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No Shame setlist – 3/10

No Shame setlist from 3/10/2012

1. Thomas Harty – Portrait of a Jackass as a Young Man

2. Huck + Carrie – Hug it Out

3. Tristan Triptom – My Mother Doesn’t Get Knock-knock Jokes because there are too Many Variables

4. Celia Forrest ā€“ Gay Babies

5. Huck Poe ā€“ Look Above your Seat Because

6. Sommer Austin – Fluxs Box

7. Brother Bubblegum – Sex, Drugs and Self Acceptance: A Soapbox Omnibus

8. John Ragir – Pope Presses U.S. Bishops

9. Patrick + Sommer – Monkey Boy

10. Ryan Brankin – Song

11. John Uth – Free Drink

12. David Yontz – Are Women Humans? A Panel Discussion

13. Molly O’Grady – Crutches

14. Thomas Harty – Portrait of a Jackass as a Young Man, Part 2

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