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No Shame Setlist – 8/29/15

No Shame Setlist from 8-29-15

1. Jon Lyons – Sad Boner Noises
2. Tashina Richardson – I Won a CD Last Week so Here’s some Fosse Shit Wherein I Hang Myself
3. Jillian Ebanks – Why I’m Single?
4. Robert Littwin – In Which I Shall Not Mention Anything About Sex
5. Rad Turkin – Same
6. Dave Gavri – They Put Pizza Inside of Pizza
7. Danielle – The Saga of Asshole and Heart
8. Kyle Parris – Stand Up
9. Aiyan Leol – Fallout/Dec 26th
10. Dave Metz – Dr. Jew Face
11. James Tierney – Words of Wisdom
12. Brandon Kieffer – How do you get mustard stains out of the paint of my Gremlin
13. Ray Braur – No balls

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