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No Shame Theatre

No Shame Theatre

No Shame Theatre is a theatrical “open mic” event that focuses on immediacy, originality, and brevity. Whether you’re coming to perform, watch or both, together we’ll create a show that has never been seen before and will never be seen again.

Every Saturday night we open our doors at 10PM and accept the first 15 original scripts/performance pieces that walk through the door.

The Lincoln Loft
3036 N Lincoln, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60657

The Rules:

1. Pieces must be original.
2. Pieces must be under 5 minutes in length.
3. You can’t break anything–not yourself, not the theatre–and you can’t break any laws.

Other than those three parameters, anything and everything goes! Scenes, stand-up, sketches, dance, poetry, original music, magic, mind-reading, performance art or ANYTHING ELSE is fair game!

$5 suggested donation for performers and audience members.

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Praise for No Shame Theatre:

“[Huck] Poe performed a sketch he called “Didg it!” in which he mimicked the sound of a didgeridoo while cheesy, prerecorded keyboard music played in the background. His was one of 18 performances that night–three more than the usual 15–and the crowd of about 50 in the basement loved it..” — Ruthie Kott, The RedEye, 1/27/12

“The shows are in keeping with The Agency’s eclectic aesthetic of engagement — this sort of come-one, come-all effort alternates with straightforward political work like the company’s recent timely revival of Clifford Odets’ Paradise Lost. Either way, they’re worth watching.” — Kelly Kleiman, WBEZ, 4/26/12

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– Learn more about company member and No Shame regular Ethan Walles

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